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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  February 8, 2016 10:30am-11:00am EST

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a big bully flips out in a crazy case of -- >> cell phone rage. >> see who finally steps in. >> what a creep, are you kidding me? discovered this. >> the moment he starts pulling python out of the wall. >> it's a motorcycle stunt with happens. top. >> plus the buzz word for your chance to win a new ipad mini.
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40 bucks for let his friend crack -- >> big things on his head. >> see what's going to cost him. >> that's so cold. that's cheating. >> hello, can you hear me? can you hear me now? >> this fell louisiana was at a public sana when his time expired. trying to get more money from his bud to make the call. he charges out of the other room, cell phone in hand and starts shouting at the attendant. he orders her to pick up the phone, but she's a little freaked out, as she should be. grabs her, starting holding her head over the phone. >> what a creep, are you kidding me? twice the size of her. >> and she's terrified. she goes back, grab the ponytail again and he's going to start smashing her head. >> what kind of man does
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he's out of money, it's not her fault, and he's taking it out on her, physically. >> reports say that he may be intoxicated, but that doesn't give him an excuse for what's about to happen next shoves her and starts kicking her several times. and no one is coming? >> help does come because police arrive. >> it took several attempts to get him under control, they finally get him under control and arrest him. the woman did suffer several injuries. bruises, broken nose, several broken teeth. >> this man can be prosecuted for causing bodily harm. >> that's it? he terrorized that woman. >> let's move on over to this nightclub in honolulu. >> these doctors have grabbed this guy out of the club, and they are just whooping on him. not sure what happened prior to this incident.
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pretty good. >> well as you notice, the guy in the red plaid shirt did take a swing at security. that this doesn't happen. >> the guys there are enormous. >> did speak to police and arrests have been made, and there's the situation. >> behind and electrical socket, can't be good. this family turned off the power, and discovered this. >> oh. >> how the heck do you figure that out? how do you know that there's a snake behind your outlet? >> unless you live in an area where that's common. >> it is australia, and our friends at sunshine coast snake catchers were called in because they found that python in there. than poor thing had been burned. >> and he had to go to the other side of the wall and dig holes. he's using a bandage for humans
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finally gets it the out and it's a little perturbed. >> it is still alive? >> it is still alive. and the snake does have a burn. >> i kind of feel bad for the snake here. >> yeah, that's a pretty brutal burn. >> did you see that though? >> he took a nip at him. >> he didn't even jump, like all in a day's work, but that poor snake was injured. it was taken to the australia zoo for treatment. now on the buffalo camp, no snakes, just a very big girl. the people were in a jeep, you could see right will there they put in the front of the vehicles where guys can sit. you can see an elephant, saying hey, you're looking interesting. >> oh my goodness. >> hey, girl, hey. >> look at the guy though. he's keeping super cool. >> sitting duck out there. >> i guess they're accustomed to ten a they tell you to sit still. >> yeah, that guy was sitting there, and i'm sure he's used to
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>> calling shotgun. >> you guys are familiar with the nitro circus, right? the guys that do a bunch of different motorcycle stunts. really cool things out here in scotland, watch what happens. >> oh, oh, oh. >> this does not look that serious. >> well, i can't tell what's behind the scenes, there are ramps that you weren't going fast enough? like what, i can't, what happened? >> what you're seeing are three people on one motorcycle coming up that steep ramp. two of those people are audience volunteers. >> oh. no. okay. i hope they get relief. >> looks like the guy controlling can that motorcycle just happened to stall it just as he got to the top of that ramp, they roll back, the the two volunteers fall off, and everybody goes tumbling down the backside of that ramp. you volunteer. these guys you know don't know what's going on, you're excited,
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>> there were injuries. they'll be okay. everybody was wearing a helmet. thankfully the same goes for this case. these guys are blitzing down a frozen river on four wheelers. couple of guys way up ahead, but your transaction and control highly diminished. now the guy who we're riding with notices the guys at the head moving to the right. oh. >> the thing is, in a complete locked up slide. he ses that lolg up ahead -- >> look at the handlebars. >> turned completely to the right. . zero traction, goes crashing into that stump. flying over the handlebars. but listen to them. >> because it's funny. the entire time you huh to go straight to the freaking mud. it's time to give away another ipad mini. >> you're going to need monday's
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18 years of age and u.s. legal resident. >> the buzz word is coming up in just a bit. stand by, everyone for the ipad giveaway. partnership in the community is real important thing. >> police officers and the folks who live in the community. bakersfield safe streets partnership hit the streets in addition to hanging out with people in the community that did a little bogey. >> they're not looking good so far. there we go. >> they got it. >> you know what my favorite part is? you realize that police officers are a part of your community. and they're people and they love to participate, you know, they're not enemies, they're the buddies. >> police officers start to dance and everybody trickled in and joins in on the fun. you're right, i feel like it humanizes everybody. it relays the message that the people of the community can trust the police officers. police officers can trust the
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did you have fun at state park? >> looks great. >> it was great! >> aww. >> just keep in mind how difficult it is for him to express himself in so many different ways, including speech, but, after this little skate park run. >> was it crazy? >> fantastic! >> that was fantastic! >> yeah, it was better than crazy, it was fantastic. >> this is priceless. this is time you get with your son, but time for him to enjoy things like the other kids. >> she has a blog in which she described a few weeks later, addi was talking a lot. and when she went to read him a book, he said no, no, no, let me read you the book to you. she believes that this experience really cracked something open inside and they hope this is the beginning of a
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>> this is great! >> video game ok bsessing. in the rain. >> oh no. bad, bad, bad. >> pulls the wheels aside. >> no. >> she's stuck in the train rails.
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a great time for me to get over and didn't realize that his car was there when she starts to turn her wheels slide on the rails a little bit and then grip and pull her in. >> yeah, does that look like an absolute turn instead of emerging into the lane. >> that sucks. that sounds like it really was an unfortunate accident. >> now, the fog here leads to the drama of what you're about is to see happen on this road in ukraine. big fog, you've always just messy. >> right. >> look up ahead, after that car. >> oh. >> whoa, whoa, whoa. >> holy mackerel, that was a scene in a movie. what's going to happen?
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from the other direction. >> it's that time of the week, real or fake. >> rom the script. let's get into it. >> three videos, real or fake? >> this peoples so set up, identical going fake. >> we play them, you decide. >> real or fake, next. and we're about to give away another ipad mini, stick around, monday's buzz word is coming up. artburn get in the way? try nexium 24hr, now the #1 selling brand for frequent heartburn. get complete protection with the new leader in frequent heartburn. that's nexium
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tim thinks you need to be a mastermind to do your own taxes. so, we flew in a mastermind to help him. well, did you buy a home? yes. then i'd press there.
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promotional considerations provided by -- go paperless, don't stress, girl i got the discounts that you need safe driver accident-free everybody put your flaps in the air for me bring your hands together with me to welcome matt dreidel, because it's monday, and that only means one thing impressive,
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>> it's time for some real or fake. roll the clip. let's get into it. >> the number one. >> and i thought it was riding that near an escalate per. >> this feels so set up. i'm going fake. >> yeah, me too. >> my initial reaction was immediately fake, but look at dad's reaction. dad seems kind of shocked. >> how do you not see a guy on a freaking segue right in front of the steps? he didn't even look at are the guy as if he wasn't there, fake. >> fake, you're right, fake. >> fake. >> i say fake. >> okay, i think you guys got it. also the kid, if you zoom in, he's like eyeballing the ipad. as soon as you see the kid, he's gunning for it. dad does a good acting job, but the guy on the hoverboard does a terrible job. a lot of fakeness going on here, but a pretty good fake video. >> next video.
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>> is it both their first day? >> why would you fake that? >> the guy's reaction after he gets burned by the hot pizza is very genuine. i'm going real. >> i think it's fake because i don't think a cook pizza would fall in half like that until it was cut. i'm calling fake. >> i'm going to say real. something says that maybe this is the kid's first day on the oven or something like that. >> three reals, one fake, mack. >> this is a tough one, why is this camera set up right here? it seems like an odd set-up to have -- >> maybe because the owner wants to make sure the employees aren't eating the pizza. >> i am so torn on this one. i know i need to choose, i'm leaning towards real here. i'm going to say real. >> you came to the right side of the table.
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table. all right. >> i can't see a woman stopping traffic, but the way that crash happened was just weird to me. >> you're going to wreck three cars just for a fake video that was poorly shot. i'm saying real. >> yeah, i'm with you. >> i think that the video's real, but i don't think that girl caused the accident. i think something happened with the girl in front. fake. >> three reals, one fake. >> this is real. i've had people stop and put it in reverse just to see if it was matt dreidel next to him. real for sure. >> get the fake out of here. >> raja has all the people in the hall just astonished at how
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so big that he puts 138 pencils in his mouth -- >> 26, 27 -- >> why, why, why? >> because he can. he puts it into his mouth, and then when he takes it out, ting takes a while for his skin to readjust to the fact that he can close his mouth. that's not all he does. >> oh, there's more. >> let's follow this up with flaming death. >> look the girls, they're like, oh yeah, we'll wait. >> yeah, exactly what's happening. >> no count on the number of candles he sticks in his mouth, but he makes sure that they are a flame before he stuffs them in his face. he gets a nice little wax of his chin. >> it's weird to think that people find out that they can do and people appreciate it. oh, you're that kid that can put 138 pencils in your mouth. good for you. >> poor guy trying to amp up the impressed yet. >> people in nepal are just
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the pencils in his mouth. you want to sit next to him if you don't have a backpack and forgot your pencil. it's time to give away an ipad mini. you need a buzz word, at least 18 years of age, and a legal u.s. resident, and then head over to and click on win ipad. >> enter the buzz word and enter on each every day. let's reveal today's buzz word, it's wizard. go over tom and enter monday's buzz word, wizard. wizard. and one day later this week, bonus giveaway day, flat screen tv, so tune in and good luck, everybody. this dude had an easy way to make 40 bucks. >> let his friends crack six eggs on his head. >> but see why the only thing he
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wo minutes. >> i don't think you could do
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>> nope. >> here comes the snow sharks. >> huge shark here. $40 may make you do dumb things. this guy thought that in exchange for 30 pounds, roughly $40, all he had to do was let his friends crack six ek ggs on his head. >> they have the $40. >> they have the $40, and they've got the six eggs. >> seems like an easy challenge. >> right, look how happy he is
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in just a few eggs. >> is one like a dinosaur egg or something? >> so much better because they get down to five eggs, and once the sixth egg -- did you see what they did? they took the sixth egg, broke it on the ground. >> you don't get the $40. >> that's so cold, that's cheating. >> he's like, what did i just do? >> go down to the store and get another dozen. >> buddy, you just got punked. >> you sure did. got punked big time. he was -- yes, the whole time from the beginning of the video, bucks. >> he was acting like this was powerball too. yeah, yeah. >> started a turf war, now he's going to have to get them back and it's going to be never ending.
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>> eggs on your face, buddy. >> happy monday, everyone, don't
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